Anger Management: Mike and the Melvins - Three Men and a Baby

After the 'end of the world/Y2K' nonsense in the year 2000, The Melvins began a long, still ongoing, mission to expand up and diversify their 'brand'. Like a seed germinating, mutating and spreading all over the planet. This process, arguably, began with covers album 'The Crybaby': said album featured guest vocalists such as Mike Patton, David Yow and Bliss Blood.  2004 saw a collaboration album with dark ambient artist Lustmord plus and album with legendary Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, 2012's 'Freak Puke' was released and a slimmed down version of the band (Melvins Lite) and 2013's 'Tres Cabrones' + subsequent tour was officially released under the banner of 'Melvins 1983'.   

With no signs of slowing down, plus perhaps a less antagonistic attitude towards ex members. the sky is still the limit for King Buzzo and crew. So it was surprising to hear that their first shot fired in 2016 is actually an unreleased album from 1999.

Conceived in 1998 when godheadSilo split up and bassist/frontman Mike Kunka decided to hang out on a tour and recorded in 1999, the two songs released thus far ('Chicken n Dump' and 'Limited Teeth') sound vibrant, heavy and fairly fresh. I don't really have a reverence for godheadSilo, but you can pick Kunka's voice out next to King Buzzo's. Kevin Rutmanis (a member of the band during the '98/'99 period) is on bass here and I believe Kunka also contributes bass as well.

The Melvins unpredictability is pleasingly predictable (if you catch my drift). There is going to be heavy and catchy tracks, some more melodic sounds, crazy inconsequential noise piece and everything in between. Glad this got dug out of the crypt and looking forward to hearing the whole thing on April 1st.


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