KADAVAR - Australia 2016

LIFE IS NOISE is proud to announce the Australian tour of hirsute German stoner-psych rock three-piece Kadavar, with shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The Berlin trio's bluesy brawn extends a hand more than it raises a fist, its fuzz-kissed riffs and lysergic libretto inviting the crowd into its misty world instead of pummeling it into the wooden dance floor … while Lupus Lindemann's roiling six-stringing and spaced-out howl frontload the tunes with surprising soul, drummer Tiger proves to be the band's secret weapon, his driving yet sophisticated kit work giving Kadavar as much grace as power.
- The Austin Chronicle

Kadavar mix the groove of stoner rock with enough '70s psychedelia to create songs that are fierce and powerful, yet also undeniably catchy and compelling. Drawing on a healthy mix of influences including Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Pentagram, the trio have a back catalogue filled with thunderous riffs, shredding solos, crashing drums and pounding bass that has been perfected on their latest release, Berlin.

It's rare to find an album that's nearly flawless from beginning to end, but Berlin is the total package…
- Metal Injection

Following on from their first two studio records (their debut self-titled release, and Abra Kadavar), Berlin is a stunning, faultless, riff-fuelled album. Kadavar are masters of blending the super-tight rhythm of stoner rock with howling psychedelic chaos, spawning an all-out sonic assault. This sound is familiar without being derivative. And Berlin places Kadavar at the forefront of a modern stoner-psych renaissance - resplendent with hair to match.

Berlin is hands down the best thing Kadavar have done to-date.
- The Obelisk

Kadavar's live show is somehow even louder, heavier and more action-packed than their recorded output. This will be a total rock and roll experience. Let your hair hang down.

Catch Kadavar on the following dates:

Brisbane - Crowbar - April 28
Sydney - Manning Bar - April 29
Melbourne - The Corner - April 30

And Kadavar are also appearing at Cherry Rock 2016 on May 1.

Tickets on sale now from here, Oztix and venue outlets. Cherry Rock 16 info from http://cherrybar.com.au/

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