Anger Management: Oranssi Pazuzu

Oranssi Pazuzu really REALLY impressed with 2013's Valonielu. Following the early Norwegian black metal formula of trance like repetition (Thorns, Darkthrone, etc) with a mix of kinda-sorta tribalistic percussion amongst some post-metal elements, the band blazed a trail for a new wave of 'Psychedelic Black Metal'.

New full length Värähtelijä sees the Finnish five piece return with a 70 minute opus. Better production adds to the slightly off kilter and unsettling nature of the sound. Juho Vanhanen (aka Jun-His) has a sinister screech that kind of remind me of Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) in their earlier incarnation.

Lead single 'Lahja' is creepy, heavy and awesome. A sure fire contender for album of the year.

Critical Mass airs every Wednesday from 9PM (GMT+8) on RTR FM 92.1 in Perth, Australia.