Anger Management: La Torture Des Ténèbres

The debut album from LTDT, Acadian Nights, is one of the more harrowing, harsh and noisy black metal albums I've heard in recent times. Bright, trebly guitars dominate a chaotic sound. Drums, melodies all buried among the howling vocals and feedback drones. It can be painful on the ears. 

There is a cold, sterile vibe to this project, yet it shows its cards on repeated listens. Initially it sounded as if all the album's six tracks (plus intro) all flowed together as one huge wall of sound, but there are definite start and cut off points to the tracks. Minor melodies and moments rise to the surface, it's oddly endearing. Imagine if circa-1984 Kim Gordon listened to Dark Throne's Transilvanian Hunger and Ulver's Nattend Madrigal and decided to make a black metal album.

There is not too much information about LTDT, the credits list the initials "J. K. S. K. M. K." and the YouTube video linked on their Bandcamp page is credited to "Jessica Kinney". I mistakenly thought this could be "Jessika Kenney", an artist who has worked with doom/drone weirdos Asva and Wolves In The Throne Room, but this was incorrect. Some interesting song titles ("When I Let My Hair Down, The Party Never Stops...", "Slave To The Coach's Son") and lyrics add to the confusion and fascination.

Punishing, one for those cold winter nights.


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