Anger Management: Yvyy

The genre of post black metal, blackgaze, whatever you might call it is bursting at the seams and clogged with bands and solo projects. Sifting through the glut of releases allows one to find a plethora of hidden gems, but finding something that is truly unique is much harder. Enter the curiously titled solo project Yvyy from São Paulo, Brazil.

Yvyy has taken the genre of (post) black metal and blended it with another style of music that is waaaaaaaaaaay the opposite of what Darkthrone and Mayhem set out to do: Vaporwave. Whaa? Yes, the internet meme fuelled genre of wonky synths and slowed down public access music has now merged with grim black metal. Well, kind of, sort of.

The Bandcamp page explains Yvyy is fuelled by "The constant discomfort of living in a chaotic and hot place inspired these songs." Where Norwegian black metal has the rage of misanthropic loners, Yvyy contains a fatigued fury that comes as a result of living in an overcrowded city.

Sounding like a combination of Fuck Buttons jamming with 'Filosofem' era Burzum, sonnelism, landscape's 5 tracks utilise some slight elements of vapourwave, but only in the synth choices (which are almost synthwave in style) and track 'Horizons'. The synth gives the tracks a very unique sound, and hey, black metal bands have a history of occasionally utilising some dodgy/spooky synths. The real vibe of the aforementioned genre probably comes from the EP's cover art and its use of the meme's aesthetics (sorry I mean A E S T H E T I C S) but bandcamp allows different images for covers/tracks, so the cover has changed to a different image than the one listed on the Metal Archives website . There is also a theme of bubbling water throughout several of the tracks that adds to the strangeness.

'Melting Heat' and 'Fourth Wonder' are the best of the bunch. 'Sonnelism, landscape' can be applauded for juxtaposing two styles that are diametrically apart. I'm not sure if this is something I would listen to a lot, but I would be interested in hearing more music from Yvyy.


Critical Mass airs every Wednesday from 9PM (GMT+8) on RTR FM 92.1 in Perth, Australia.