Before you grab a beer at the Brisbane Weedeater/Conan show on July 14, local metallic rock/noise outfit Grieg will be smashing skulls in support.

See them in the flesh, with Lizzard Wizzard, before the headliners at Crowbar. We talked about living in the moment with this four-piece as part of our Two Minutes With series.

Describe your music in five words or less?

Lance: Like a velvety bread slicer.

John: Loud, slightly better than dumb.

Alex: It's all just a swingin' ditty of a screaming match.

What’s going on in the world of Grieg?

Making sick babies well again; making crazy dogs calm again. Making music great again and writing a new album.

What motivates you to make music? 

Lance: Music is the most brutal method of telling death to get fucked.

John: It's nice to have something to do that's not for money or responsibilities sake.

Alex: It's more rewarding than Aerobics Oz-Style or the gym.

What have been the high and low points of your musical experiences so far?

Lance: There hasn't been anything close to a low point in my time with Grieg. Highlight would be ditching the mic hallway through a song during our MoE/Dead show and just screaming my lungs out at everybody, completely untethered. It was a sensation close to levitating.

John: Pete Kaustic saying '…that was alright hey' and Lance joining the fold.

Alex: High's have been volume. Lows have been...well, bass.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Lance: YAITW, Gorgoroth, Vasaeleth, Warhead.

John: Dillinger Four, Descendants…just shit that's mad.

Alex: Just the whole Amenra catalogue on repeat.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which member of the band would get eaten first? And why?

Lance: I'd volunteer to be eaten because fuck all that. Also they'd have to live with what they'd done to me so in a way; I'd live forever.

Alex: Are there coconuts on the island? How long can someone live off coconuts?

Here’s an opportunity to bitch about something, whether music related or not. What really pisses you off?

Lance: I'm sick of people being needlessly mean-spirited and selfish.

Alex: Most of the time...reality—both virtual and actual. And reality doesn't exist when you are right in the middle of a song!

You’re putting together your perfect gig featuring Australian artists. Who would you get to play and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist. 

Lance:  Great Britain Hotel in Melbourne circa 1993. Birthday Party, Damaged, Last Chaos, Naxzul, No and Massappeal.

Alex: The Nation Blue playing their entire back catalogue until their hands drop-off at Crowbar. Maybe interspersed with sets by Teargas and Dick Nasty!

Tamara: I have nothing to add to this word wang.


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