The debut offering from new atmospheric black metal duo, Somnium Nox, lays it all out over one track—a sprawling 16-minute opus. Blending the fury and grace of Enslaved with blasts of latter-era Immortal, Apocrypha takes off on a tour of the cosmos and lands back on earth in no time; its length not burdening the listener at all.

The extra touches of atmosphere are well done; far from just a synthesizer droning on in sections—didgeridoo and field recordings combined with guitar noise and feedback racket up the tension in a similar way to Perth locals, Bolt Gun, and their Iron Surgeon EP. The programmed drums sound fine and the proggy/blues—almost Dire Straits—guitar section that enters at the seven-minute mark works surprisingly well too.

Somnium Nox is a studio project for now, with members seemingly split between Sydney and Canberra at times. But the recent addition of a live drummer can only mean better things to come. And hopefully soon too!


Scott Bishop is a regular host on RTR FM 92.1's Critical Mass, which airs every Wednesday from 9PM (GMT+8) in Perth, Australia.