Two Minutes With: Opium Eater


Opium Eater are from Wellington, New Zealand. We caught up with the four-piece as part of our Two Minutes With series to see if they really are as messed up as their music.

Catch them, along with fellow support Ritual Abuse, as they melt faces at the Weedeater/Conan show on July 12 at the San Fran.

Describe your music in five words or less.

Post-traumatic sludgescapes.

What’s going on in the world of Opium Eater?

Well, it's the one year anniversary of our EP, Canis Major (The Greater Dog), in which we experimented with a softer and more exploratory sound. The downside to this being that we've yet to commit to tape what a live crowd listening to Opium Eater are exposed to—weighty atmospheres and hypnotic drones that tend to come alongside complex arrangements; constantly pushing the acceptable volume boundaries. So details are a little hush right now, but we are working on changing that...

What motivates you to make music?

I won't name the venue here, but there is a Wellington bar we played at last year that got in touch with us after to let us know that the owner loved us. But the bar staff have said: "If Opium Eater play here again, we won't come to work... They're so fucking loud man".

The bar staff at that bar motivate me. What a cool thing to say, haha.

What have been the high and low points of your musical experiences so far?

Man, we haven't had any lows thus far—it’s been a fucking awesome ride dude. Don't want to sound too cheesy but as far as highs go, we've had the opportunity to open for bands that we grew up listening to. Between the Buried and Me and ...And You'll Know us by the Trail of the Dead spring to mind. And, of course, the upcoming Weedeater/Conan show.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Oh dude, all over the new Swans album man. I know Sam is all about the new Death Grips too; that album is dope. Jesse and Matt are probably listening to things as well, but I honestly gave up listening to them talk so long ago.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which member of the band would get eaten first? And why?

It's crazy how quickly my mind said Matt. And with no real justification either. Like, I've known him the longest and I'm 99 per cent sure he would taste the worst out of all of them. But I have this overwhelming sense that he deserves it the most. His mother is real dope though, so it'd be hard to let her know I ate her son. But I'm totally sure she'd understand.

Here’s an opportunity to bitch about something, whether music related or not. What really pisses you off?

Probably the fact that literally no one can make poached eggs to the degree that cafes do. Those little cloud dudes that they bring out are next level man. I swear that some big cafe has just like bought out Google to give shitty advice on making perfect ones so that we stay dependant on cafes or whatever. I swear I've done everything and nothing works. We're through the looking glass man.

You’re putting together your perfect gig featuring New Zealand artists. Who would you get to play and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist.

Oh man, this is so hard. Honestly, we have such a dope community of bands here and apologies to the MANY bands that I'd have to leave off. But the first thing that comes to mind would be this line-up playing at the San Fran Bathhouse in Wellington (my favourite venue in NZ):



Hollywoodfun Downstairs

Super Narco Man


Spook the Horses


Tickets from, Oztix, the venues and for Wellington and Auckland.