Two Minutes With... Tombsealer


Tombsealer have a real sting to their riffs, backed by a clunking bottom end and song structure that takes the listener on a journey. Hamunaptra, off Tombsealer's split with Swamp Lung, is a near 17 minute long epic - the gruff vocals, doom riffs, black metal shreds, howling solos and everything in-between and beyond grant an element of satisfaction that'll draw any metal fan to it - like a moth to flame.

Tombsealer will be supporting Windhand and Cough on their show at Fowlers Live in Adelaide on Thursday April 6. We had a brief chat with Vocalist Daniel Moyle in the lead-up to the show as part of our Two Minutes With... series.


What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

Contemporary Death and Doom hypnotism.

What’s been going on in the world of Tombsealer?

We've been working on our debut album for a long time now and focusing on refining every aspect of it. We've also had a recent change of members which has meant spending even more time on the album and practising harder than ever. Because of that, we haven't taken on too many shows recently - but we've just announced an Australian tour with our friends and fellow fiends in Sewercide. We're planning to release and tour our album when when we've finally perfected it, which will hopefully happen later this year.

You've been announced as supports on the Windhand/Cough tour - have these bands had an influence on you in one way or another?

Absolutely. Half of our band travelled to Melbourne to see Windhand when they last came to Australia and now we get to play with them which is a dream come true. We're also all huge fans of Cough and have all been influenced by their music in some way. We're extremely stoked to be playing this show.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

On the Melbourne leg of our tour with Mournful Congregation last year, we had a guy come up to the stage seconds before we were about to start and say "You guys better be fucking good". Shortly after beginning the first track he looked rattled and dropped to one knee to take his epilepsy medication. 

If you could open for any Australian or New Zealand based artist, who would it be and why? Feel free to choose acts that no longer exist.

Portal, because they're the most fucked up band that you may ever experience and thankfully we've already played with them. 

Ten years from now you’ll be…

Probably fucking dead.

Have you got any interesting stories from tour or during recording you’d want to share?

On our tour with Space Bong we left Adelaide on a Thursday night in a full twelve seater van. We played Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane over a weekend and got back to Adelaide on the Tuesday morning. Over that time we had a total of five hours sleep on a floor and we all pushed our narcotic intake to the limits so we all lost our minds. By the time we got to Brisbane, we were hallucinating and the drive home from there was one of the most fucked up collective experiences of our lives, in the best possible way.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received at a show? What’s the weirdest?

To answer both at once - someone once said we sound like Entombed on ketamine which was truly touching. 


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