Two Minutes With... Lord Sword

Credit: Mel Meek/Restricted Photography

Credit: Mel Meek/Restricted Photography


For a band named after a sharp weapon, digesting Lord Sword's music feels more akin to being pummelled by an abrasive morning star. Course vocals, gritty guitars and shotgun drumming are the hallmarks of their music - creating songs that are steeped in rawness, a conceptual masculinity and aggression.

Lord Sword will be hitting the Newtown Social in Sydney where they'll be supporting Windhand and Cough on Wednesday April 5. Lord Sword Bassist Luke Buckler shares a few interesting tales as part of our Two Minutes With... series.

What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

Sludgy, blazing, extraterrestrial, sweaty, caring

What’s been going on in the world of Lord Sword?

We just put out a record, Tombstoned, that you can pick up via our bandcamp site or at a reputable record store near you. We're kinda geographically diverse but we're planning on getting together in the lead up to the windhand/cough show to see if we can make a seven inch or something. We're heading to Melbourne over the easter long weekend. We've been trying to make our mark on Australian gig culture by devising a way to smoke cones through our shoes in mosh pits.

What drives Lord Sword to make music?

ROI for our musical equipment and the pursuit of stardom.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

A line formed out front of our record launch show and a bunch of people couldn't get in. Cops with dogs showed up and no one got busted. 

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? Describe the situation.

As a band, we don't get into trouble - we got a reputation to uphold. For me, personally, I guess the time a friend and I accepted a ride home from a local weirdo who, it came out in the news, turned out to be serially drugging and raping young men in his apartment. His name was Kok Foo Lim, no shit. Kinda dodged a bullet there. I have also been hit with a wine bottle thrown from a moving car, my dodging skills weren't on point that night. I know Jimmy had to put a kangaroo to sleep with a tyre iron after some lady hit it with her car, that would have been pretty troublesome I reckon. I'm pretty sure Stooks had to fight a drunk Viking who was stalking him in Finland, and Cory is more of a mediator, I doubt he'd attract any trouble.

Ten years from now you’ll be…

Living on a universal basic wage in a government curated virtual reality.

You guys are saying that your support slot with Windhand/Cough will be your only Sydney show until October. Why is that?

Our drummer Stooks is going overseas for a couple months. He doesn't live in Sydney anyway, so live performances were never going to be abundant for Lord Sword.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received at a show? What’s the weirdest?

At our first show, Ian Moss of Cold Chisel fame reportedly stuck his head into Black Wire and gave a nod of approval while we were playing. After that same show someone was overheard saying 'They were great, but the bass player has weird dance moves'.  Both are good and weird compliments.


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