Two Minutes With... Illyria



Perth based post-black metal act ILLYRIA are a force to be reckoned with. Capable of creating music that ties pure unbridled chaos with catchy post-metal segments, Illyria show keen talents in not only black metal but music in general - and they aren't afraid to show it. Their recently released single, Swansong, is a mix of hard hitting post-metal with haunting shrieks, pulverising drumming and climatic song structure. Without effort, it transitions between a sense of cold ethereality and heated riffwork, creating a mood as tense as it is forlorn.

Illyria will be crushing Perth's Badlands to pieces in support of Alcest come Saturday April 29. LIFE IS NOISE caught up with vocalist/guitarist Ilija Stajic for a quick chat before the show as part of our Two Minutes With... series.


What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

Polarising, capricious, epic, atmospheric and comforting.


What’s been going on in the world of Illyria?

We have a new single out called 'Swansong' which is leading up to our next album. We’re not messing around and want to release some new tunes. We’re ready to progress further as a band and get our name out there.


What drives Illyria to make music?

Our life experiences and emotions; as a band we are always there for each other not just musically but as friends and you can’t ask for anything more than that. It’s all about chemistry when it comes to composing for Illyria, something we strive to strengthen every day.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at one of your shows?

My hair got caught in George’s guitar headstock whilst milling during ‘Temptation’ and a fair chunk was pulled out and was hanging off for the remainder of the set. I was crying out in agony but the show must go on. George was oblivious the whole time which made it even better.

What can people expect at one of your gigs?

I love when new people experience our live shows, a lot of people succumb to the atmosphere and aural sensations that we produce and let the music take over. We have sections where you move frantically but also "breathers" to take it all in and revive yourself. It’s a rollercoaster ride of music and we love conducting it.


If you could open for any Australian or New Zealand based artist, who would it be and why? Feel free to choose acts that no longer exist.

Silverchair – Would love to see them come back and tear it up once again on the stage and the charts. Would be a great challenge to open for them and carve a set-list to cater for a diverse audience.


Have you got any interesting stories from tour or recording you’d want to share?

Our producer deleted our whole first album by accident, so we had to record it all again. It’s absolutely a band’s worst nightmare that we would NOT wish upon anyone.


You're supporting Alcest on their upcoming tour. Has the band affected you in any way?

George and I started Illyria through our love of Alcest back in late 2013, we have always joked around about supporting them so this is a very personal goal ticked off the list. We are going to cherish this opportunity with absolute gratitude and passion.


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