Two Minutes With... Arbrynth

Forest metal act Arbrynth creates a lush soundscape that flutters between agressive and calm. Drinker Of Worlds takes elements of soft, wistful vocals which float over marching instrumentals - encapturing a sense of being lost amongst misty pines. The band aptly take post metal's atmospheric essence and redirect it into something more, a unique amlagamation that seems to tap into a wider range of metal influences than first percieved.

LIFE IS NOISE caught up with guitarist/vocalist Dodds ahead of Arbrynth's support slot with Alcest at Max Watt's in Melbourne on Friday, April 28.


What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

Melodic, heavy, dark, light and contradictory. 


What’s been going on in the world of Arbrynth?

Recently we've been writing new tunes for our second album. Late last year though, we managed to do a few interstate shows in Sydney and Tassie with our mates Myridian and Atra Vetosus which were awesome fun.


What drives Arbrynth to make music?

Much like any band we want to play what we want to hear, but also it's a great excuse to hang out with some good bros. 


Quickly tell us about an album that’s shaped the band in one way or another.

Opeth's Still Life is an album that has inspired all of us. Great songs, great melodies and it's really dark. Amorphis' Elegy would be another worth mentioning for us.


What can people expect at one of your gigs?

Long songs and a bit of atmosphere.


If you could open for any Australian or New Zealand based artist, who would it be and why? Feel free to choose acts that no longer exist.

Alchemist would've been a good one but we're lucky to have played with some awesome Australian bands already.


Ten years from now you’ll be…

Hopefully drinking beers and writing album number five!


What’s the best compliment you’ve received at a show? What’s the weirdest?

I think we just like when someone goes out of their way to thank us for a good show. Anytime that happens it's the best! The weirdest would be when someone gives you advice after your set - "You guys are great, but have you thought about getting a harp player?" or something to that effect. They shouldn't have taken the time!


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