Eat A Bag Of Mix: Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving



Tangled Thoughts of Leaving have immaculate abilities in the realm of composition, so it's only natural that they've held their taste in music to a similar standard. Ahead of their upcoming support slot on Boris' Pink 10th anniversary tour, Luke Pollard of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving has collaborated with the rest of the band to put together this list of carefully curated music which has influenced the band in some way. You'll find a selection dedicated to melody, tension and dynamics - and hopefully something new to sink your ears into. Listen on.



Like most musicians, when we're writing we use other works as a reference point to communicate what we're going for. The albums below are the ones we've referenced most at different points in the last 10 years. - Luke Pollard


Yes - Close To The Edge // The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

Our first love of wild prog was The Mars Volta back in the early 2000s. Doing a deep-dive on their influences led us to a bunch of 70s prog albums, or specifically the first few Yes albums. Funnily enough, diving into the influences of Opeth (another early-mid 2000s fave) also led us to the likes of Yes, Camel and co from this era. While Heart of the Sunrise (from Fragile) is probably our fave standalone Yes track from that era, Close To The Edge taught us all about recapitulation and putting together songs of tremendous scope.

TMV's Frances The Mute still comes up in discussions now... with probably the little bass/drum drop-down in Cygnus being the most referenced specific part because the change in feel is tremendous. 




Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm

While most people probably spout their heavier stuff as the more influential, The Eye of Every Storm was a huge influence on us. The tasteful use of synths and weirdly timed riffs, as well as their ability to go from heavy and wild down to almost nothing - just Scott Kelly's vocals and a synth in the title track - is a masterclass in dynamics. It sucks to have never seen these songs live.




Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway

Masters of the build and holding tension. I actually didn't like this album on first listen, as my weak-boy 2006 ears weren't ready for the jump from the more sparse but straight-forward sounds of Salvation to the more gritty dry guitar tones and epic scope of Somewhere Along The Highway. But after figuring it out it's been pretty much my favourite album ever since. Dim is the highlight and a truly great live song.




Ben Frost - By the Throat

Glorious mix of noise and melody. The wolf samples smashed up against the distorted cello is genius. And just when you think it's all studio trickery, you see the videos of him and his mates performing it live with real instruments in the studio and you realise it's been composed masterfully. 




Philip Glass - The Hours OST

What do you even choose here for Glass? I think the soundtrack for The Hours was probably our first exposure to Glass. I had the soundtrack on high rotation for 10 years before I ever saw the movie - it is so heavy in both an emotional and musical sense. It works amazingly as a standalone album. Then you dive in and realise the scope of his back catalog, the changes between crazy repetition based synth stuff (Einstein on the Beach) and heavy orchestral stuff with no piano at all (Symphony No 7). 




Bohren and der Club of Gore - Black Earth

We still reference Bohren for tone and how to go slow. The subtle changes between releases where the emphasis has shifted from organ, brass, piano and guitar has been super interesting - but Black Earth is where it's at for nailing a consistent feeling of simmering dread for a whole record.




Clint Mansell - The Fountain OST

Not many people really got into this film but I did - and the score is a big reason why. It really weaves itself into the fabric of the film. The critical point of the movie where Mogwai joins in one the act is pretty much post-rock: the movie. The use of a consistent motif through this score is something we were really influenced by in the Tiny Fragments days and no doubt still carries some weight with us today.




Swans - To Be Kind

It's hard to choose between this and The Seer. Both records blew us away when it came out and were on very high rotation through the recording of Yield to Despair. So much power, noise and repetition. 




Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

We've kind of had a consistent infatuation with cowboy themes on every release since the split we did with sleepmakeswaves in 2009. This record was a huge influence on that dusty, dry kind of sound (along with their score for The Proposition).




Honorable mentions: Hella - No 666 in Outer Space, Sigur Ros - (), ISIS - Panopticon, The Roots - How I Got Over, Converge - Axe to Fall.


Catch Boris and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving on the following dates:

Crowbar, Brisbane -  Monday May 15
Manning Bar, Sydney - Tuesday May 16
Fowlers Live, Adelaide - Thursday May 18
Max Watts, Melbourne - Friday May 19
Rosemount, Perth - Saturday May 20


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