Two Minutes With... Holy Serpent

Holy Serpent boomerang between impressive guitar solos and fast paced riffs into slow, tar covered doom without issue. The contrasts between the two are fairly notable, but the ability to sucessfully fuse them together with break-neck tempo changes make for a breath of fresh air in a genre that can otherwise put an emphasis on drawn-out and somewhat less exciting tracks. In a phrase, Holy Serpent rip hard. LIFE IS NOISE shared a few words with guitarist Nick Donoughue ahead of their upcoming support slot with Pallbearer on Friday July 7 at the Northcote Social Club.

What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

You probably won't like it. 

What’s been going on in the world of Holy Serpent?

Writing new songs mainly... gonna chill on playing shows for a bit and then do another tour sometime later in the year. 

What drives Holy Serpent to make music?

Having a good time, friendship, and doing things on our own terms. 

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

Well, we had a bit of a weird one in Ballarat a month or so ago... two of us decided it would be fun to take some magic mushrooms two hours before we were supposed to play. That was weird as hell.

Quickly tell us about an album that’s shaped the band in one way or another.


What can people expect at one of your gigs? 

They can expect to see two to three other great bands on the night. They can expect us to look like we are fucking loving it because we are... and they can probably expect a ringing sensation in their ears for the next day or two. 

Ten years from now you’ll be…


Have you got any interesting stories from tour or recording you’d want to share?

Scott decided at the very last minute to join Merchant and Watchtower on their NZ tour earlier this year just for kicks. He booked a flight for NZ that morning and just left, sending us a message from NZ saying "Ah, band practice is cancelled"... Needless to say it was a decision fuelled by alcohol and other substances. That was wild. 

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