Sundr Single/Music Video



LIFE IS NOISE is proud to present the video for I Still See Plagues, the first single from Sundr's upcoming sophomore album, The Canvas Sea.

Shot by Crowbar's Wilson Bambrick using footage from Melbourne, Brisbane and Kazakhstan, the video captures the story that Sundr sought to tell with "I Still See Plagues" - a story of observing your surroundings, especially in times of anxiety. The shots of the landscape follow the theme of observation to poignant effect.  Elements of emptiness and alienation in suburban landscapes, nature knocked around in the breeze while everything else around it seemingly remains static - a sense of peace shredded to pieces by the terrifying haste of the world around it, something that's further challenged by the accompanying ominous music.

Vocalist Scott Curtis puts forward some thoughts and reasoning as to why "I Still See Plagues" was chosen as the first song and video clip:

"We felt this track was the best stand-alone single to introduce the overall vibe of the new record," says Curtis. "It has the addition of Imogen's vocals which we were very excited for people to hear, it's the shortest song on the record and the structure makes it stand out as an individual. We thought the dynamics of the song, the way it builds and the nature of the lyrics could really be complemented by these intense visuals."

"We gave Wilson the track and the lyrics, with the loose concept of using contrast between nature and a busy city environment, and basically let him work his magic," Curtis continues. "He did an incredible job of translating the stress and intensity that builds throughout the song into something visual, and he really put in a lot of his own interpretation and creativity into the project."

The Canvas Sea will be available for physical purchase/digital download on July 15th.


Sundr is
Scott Curtis – Vocals
Troy Power – Guitar
Adam Turcato – Bass
Dan Neumann – Drums


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