Full of Hell: Trumpeting Ecstasy

Trumpeting Ecstasy is an album that could make you black out for 23 minutes and wake up in a pile of ash that used to be called your house. In a style that’s often defined by formula, Trumpeting Ecstasy proves Full of Hell’s adventurousness is a defining factor in their ability to stand out in the scene.

On the harrowing title-track, one of the slowest songs in the band’s catalogue, Full of Hell remind us of their daring tendencies in a cacophony of noise/power-electronics. Nonetheless, the use of noise on Trumpeting Ecstasy has been superseded by the band’s fiery performances – more so on this album than they have been on any previous releases. It’s a perfect marriage of control and chaos.

Their new found self-control may seem concerning to the accustomed grindcore listener - however guitarist Spencer Hazard’s old-school inspired riffs on tracks Crawling Back to God and Deluminate steer the band down the path of brutal late-80s death-metal. Gnawed Flesh and Bound Sphinx also showcase an added appreciation for post-hardcore and noise-rock. Lots of ferocity, lots of viscera, lots of passion - Trumpeting Ecstasy makes for an enthralling listen with a larger-than-life cathartic expression from Full of Hell.

The album is immaculately produced by famed hardcore musician/producer Kurt Ballou. His signature crushing drum sounds and distorted bass coupled with the large and in-charge guitars that come together in a dense, levelled mix make this album feel as warm and comfy on the ears as grindcore can get. Trumpeting Ecstasy feels heavy in the literal and musical sense, with powerful production and performance contributing to the most massive sound they’ve ever achieved.

Through an inventive combination of death-metal, grindcore, noise and plain ol’ hardcore packed into a blink-and-you-miss it thrill ride, Full of Hell have left a very dirty mark on heavy music in 2017. If you like your metal on the fringes, fuelled by animalistic fury with a nasty aesthetic, look no further than this.  


Full of Hell's Trumpeting Ecstasy can be streamed or purchased from Profound Lore Records' Bandcamp, located here.


Written by Max Jacobson.