Two Minutes With Triumphs

We spend a couple of minutes with Triumphs ahead of their support slot for Pallbearer at San Fran in Wellington on July 9...

What are five words you’d use to describe your band?

Two Sad Boys Play Music

What’s been going on in the world of Triumphs?

We're putting finishing touches on our second record! It'll be out super soon. Other than that we've been playing a few out of town shows with some pals from up North, and we're looking to play out of town as much as possible. Book us in Australia (hint hint). 

What drives Triumphs to make music?

We've been playing together in various forms for I think more than ten years now. And it's always been heavy music too. We've whittled it down from a five piece, to a four piece and now there's just us two. It lets us be a lot more prolific which is awesome really. Essentially, we don't know how to stop making music.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?

A combination of weird stuff happened when we played in Palmerston North actually. We had booked at a motel and when we went to check in, the old conservative couple who ran it were mortified to meet us in person. We had to essentially convince them to let us stay in the place we'd booked. I mean, we're unattractive, but that was unusual for us. Then just before we were about to play, an elderly gent had a discussion with us about how Erwin Rommel was still alive and employing people in Auckland and if we wanted to have long lives (150 years plus) we would need to up our intake of St John's Wort.

What can people expect at one of your gigs?

Loud music

If you could open for any Australian or New Zealand based artist, who would it be and why? Feel free to choose acts that no longer exist.

John: Buffalo would have been rad!  

Mathew: Lord of Tigers, saw them at Big Day Out years ago when I was maybe 16 or so and they were amazing.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received at a show? What’s the weirdest?

A compliment I'm very happy to receive (and it happens at almost every show) is when people say "I thought there were more people playing and then I saw it was just you two." Makes all the pedals and amps worth it! The weirdest happened really recently, when we got told in the same conversation that we sounded like "Russian folk" and "happy pirate music." Maybe we do? 

You’re supporting Pallbearer on their upcoming tour. Has the band had an effect on you in one way or another?

Oh for sure. Sorrow and Extinction was massive for us when it came out, and John just saw them at Roadburn this year actually.