The story of Perth's chaotic black/death/thrash maniacs, The Furor, is one of determination and passion. Anchored down by human percussion dynamo Louis Rando (aka Dizazter), The Furor have been blasting barbaric and blasphemous hymns since 2002-ish. Rando loves to play fast, smashing double-kicks and screaming his guts out and has done so over the course of four full-lengths and two EPs. Despite a few line-up shuffles, Rando persists in his vision - even going so far as to teach himself guitar to play all the instruments on 2012's Sermon Of Slaughter EP and 2014's Impending Revelation LP. All might I add with zero ego; Rando is one of the best drummers in Australia and his services are in-demand worldwide but he is a very level-headed guy.

2016 sees the very busy Dizazter (playing drums with Bloodlust, Impiety, Mhorgl and new four-piece Depravity) with a new guitar and bass duo (Hellhound and The Grand Impaler respectively) and nine new tracks ready to burn. All written by Rando, fans of the band know that The Furor aren't about to drop in a jazz break or an Arcturus style curveball: The Furor are full steam ahead with equal parts Bathory, Slayer, Angel Corpse, Marduk and Morbid Angel.

Title track Cavalries of the Occult starts out with wailing guitars and a supercharged Venom-type groove before blasting away at the 55-second mark. The production is outstanding, every instrument coming through loud and clear. Rapid fire riffing is abound, but there is a lot of melody in the guitars too. Due for a full release in March, The Furor stand tall above all pretenders.


Scott Bishop is a regular host on RTR FM 92.1's Critical Mass, which airs every Wednesday from 9PM (GMT+8) in Perth, Australia.