Puck: Dead To The World

I love seeing these guys live, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them many times. Perth is pretty lucky in the fact that we have so many great bands in heaps of different genres. I love the mincey bass lines and Liam Young is amazing at playing drums while singing droney/grungey vocals. The best show I’ve seen these guys play would be down in Bunbury when we (The Pissedcolas) played Prince of Wales with them. I love this record because of the epic breakdowns and it’s that perfect kind of heavy that I love. 


The Kramers: Rot

These guys have impressed me since I first saw them at 208 (Maylands-based house show venue). All I could think of was how great it was that a band had finally perfected the early Jay Reatard/Ty Segall sound and brought it to Perth. Always a pleasure to see such talented musicians, and all of the spin off projects—like Mung Dahl and The Bleach Boys—are amazing too. Seeing any of these bands is like when I saw Aborted Tortoise for the first time.


Zerodent: S/T

This album is fantastic; these guys also blew me away live. I saw them at Dada Records, and was stoked to hear a simple punk band with 70s UK punk influence, like Wire and Zounds. This lo-fi recording is a joy to play at home. It’s definitely a favourite for cleaning the house, especially the track Pieces, which always has me dancing around the lounge room like an idiot. 


Cold Meat: Jimmy’s Lipstick

I love this seven-inch because of the power behind Ashley’s vocals, especially in the track I Hate Myself—a favourite live track of mine and a very easy one to sing along to. These guys are great because of the snotty punk element they lay down on recordings and live. I saw them at a house show recently and the energy they protrude needs to be seen to be believed.


Dennis Cometti: Wooden Spoon

When I got my hands on a copy this EP, I put It in my car cd player and listened to it for a week straight. Once I was listening to RTR FM on my way to work and heard an interview with Dennis Cometti about his retirement, and the host played Goon And Juice for him and he loved it.

These guys are hilarious with their footy antics and simple, relatable lyrics. We all know an acquaintance like the person from You’re Stupid. On stage, these guys don their favourite footy team attire and tell ridiculous jokes. Mitchy C’s drumming has reached new levels of amazing. 10 out of 10 guys; keep up the good work.


When Meagan isn't making art herself and curating weird and wonderful things, she's helping others express themselves through art therapy. She also creates sounds with Perth-based experimental outfit The Pissedcolas