I’m not the first to say that some of the biggest music discoveries—those real formulating moments—that helped shape my tastes today were found simply through a single song on a compilation album in my youth.

Those pre-pubescent times—I’m talking 13-years-old here—walking into a music shop which, in Perth's northern suburbs, usually was straight, mainstream CDs and DVDs. Absolutely nothing subversive or remotely experimental. 


Every once in a while, you’d find that gem—that one album that holds the key to so many bands you had no idea about, but instantly felt an affiliation with. That deep connection that only being young and hungry and consistently searching provides.

As you grow up, that ‘connection’ changes. You still get excited about new music, though nothing compares to those early salad days. But there was something about this particular compilation, Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom, that made me feel that way all over again. 

Not only is every single band on this release outstanding, but each song shows just how diverse homegrown drone-doom talent has gotten over the last decade. The first in this series came out back in 2012 and was just as good. This second edition, although not as lengthy, covers all bases.


From the more recent success of Sydney’s Thorax and Brisbane’s Hope Drone, who were picked up by Relapse Records in 2015, to the slow-burn of Adelaide’s Space Bong and fellow locals, Mournful Congregation, and Perth’s very own drone lords Drowning Horse and the more post-rock sounds of Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving—there’s well-placed selections from coast-to-coast. 

For those that are just getting into Aussie doom, this compilation is more than you could ever ask for. For those well-seasoned cynics, this collection just ticks all the right boxes.

Noise highlights? Every single fucking song on this album. "LONG LIVE AUSTRALIAN DOOM."


You can grab Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom for free from Art As Catharsis here.