Claire Hodgson is an absolute smoking gun. As a tireless supporter for West Australian music, women in music and all things heavy in general, she is the frontwoman of two bands—70s garage punkers The Shakeys and politico-crust doom lords Roundup Weedkiller. She also works for peak music industry body, West Australian Music, helping to organise major events like the annual WAMCon music industry conference and many, many other music-related projects throughout the state.

When she’s not being an all-round guru, she enjoys her fair share of cheap champagne and scowling the streets as part of an all-girl gang, watching cult films, and spinning tunes both at shows and as a presenter on RTR FM’s Burn The Airwaves. 

”Life is short,” Claire says. “Don’t be a piece of shit and talk about all the things you want to do without ever trying them. You become a very boring person that way. Give things a go and expect to fail at lot at first until you get the hang of it. Enjoy the struggle, embrace your own particular brand of weirdness and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, you’ll be applauded for it and live a life free of regret.”  


Listen to The Shakeys here or catch up on all things Roundup Weedkiller here.