Jai Love has a much cooler story about how he got into punk than you do. The frontman of Wollongong-based outfit The Nuclear Family actually had two of his uncles appear in the cult 1979 documentary, The Decline Of Western Civilization

With family ties paving the way, Jai grew up to follow in their footsteps, this time from the director’s chair. Dead Hands Dig Deep—a documentary that tells the story about Edwin Borsheim of the now defunct band Kettle Cadaver, who was married to Christian Death’s Eva O—premiered at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

But, back in the ‘Gong, he and a few of his mates have been working on a very worthy passion project—starting up a new DIY record store and venue. Set to open later this month, Jai says: “There is still a great music scene on the up but we believe that it lacks what we are looking for and want to bring bands from all over the world here, to the ‘Gong."

"This is just a bunch of stuff I’m listening to right now," Jai says. "It also turns out that a lot of these bands turn out to be friends from around the world but who cares if they are making really great stuff. Keep it nasty; eat shit. Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!" 


Listen to The Nuclear Family here or check out Urge Records.