An avid supporter of underground music in Australia, Lewis has been involved in numerous projects over the past eight years.

Having helped establish the Animal House DIY warehouse in Adelaide in 2010, Lewis has done time in bands like Rule of Thirds, Vaginors and Botox, as well as released close to 40 records and booked hundreds of shows under the banner of small scale record label, Nopatience Records.

Nopatience Records operates with the goal of highlighting Australian underground artists to an international audience, helping with release and distribution of records that may not receive the exposure they deserve. More recently, Lewis has been using the Nopatience moniker as a banner for a collection of national tours around Australia, showcasing some of the most exciting bands from the international underground. To date, he has worked with Varrallinen (Singapore), Thee Nodes (Canada), Hank Wood and the Hammerheads (US), Crazy Spirit (US), Dawn of Humans (US), The Rival Mob (US) and is currently working on a national tour for Spanish post-punk group, Belgrado. 

"This mix contains the 20 most recently played music videos from the Nopatience records Youtube account, minus the live version of Prince’s When You Were Mine, which has tragically again been deleted. Keep music raw and ugly. Stay underground. Stay punk." - Lewis 'Ratboy


Check out Nopatience Records or their Bandcamp page here.