Maia is one-half of self-confessed ‘sad goth’ electronic duo, Habits. Unified in their keenly honed aesthetic and music which combines entrancing rhythm, pulsing energy and emotional catharsis, Habits remained one of Melbourne’s "best kept secrets" until their Ugly Cry EP turned on the rest of the world. Since then, they have scored support from community radio and music press have lauded the release as “….one of 2016’s most defining Aussie EP releases” - describing their live show as “…like going to a yoga class on MDMA: sweaty, invigorating and really, really fun” - i-D. Habits recently returned to Melbourne from supporting Peaches on tour and are currently refining their sound for their upcoming set at Golden Plains. 

As well as being a beat maker, singer and performer, Maia is a visual artist and sometimes booker for New Lease at the Curtin Hotel.

“My first experiences of Narrm, Melbourne's music scene were almost entirely centred around white bro garage bands,” Maia says. “As a queer baby, it was mostly a pretty alienating time but it did instil in me a love for the raw beauty of garage music, and the fact that the rock dogs on this list wear their queerness or femininity as a strength just makes it connect. 

“The electronic artists on this list perpetually inspire and surprise me with their technical prowess, and the dark and mysterious undercurrents in their sound satisfy the part of me which is still a teen emo (it’s a really big part).”


Listen to Habits debut EP, Ugly Cry, here or find out about everything Habits-related via Facebook.