Uda Widanapathirana first started running shows when they were 14 years old in Rockhampton. Eight years later, they run tours, do publicity and act as a booker at Brisbane venue, the Woolly Mammoth

Throughout 2013, they ran a label and touring agency called Monolith alongside Lochlan Watt (Triple J, The Racket). Back then their focus was being as DIY/Hessian as they could be, and changing up the general tour routing for international acts—so more regional areas have access to culture that we have within capital cities. They did tours and releases for bands like Rolo Tomassi, Robotosaurus, Palm, Totally Unicorn and Stockades. Now they run tours through the Eunoia Collective, initially set up as a decentralised label where bands release and invest in each others material—bands include Oslow, Self Defense Family, To The North, Creative Adult and much more.

Uda also used to play in Kiri and El Alamein. Right now, they're building a publicity company Mellum, which has worked with acts like Two Steps on the Water and IDYLLS.

“This mix isn’t genre specific. It’s more so a mood with breathing room; artists that could go together but are worlds apart. Taste is always changing, but all these tracks send me to the same place,” Uda says.


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