CC Dust: Self-Titled (Olympia, USA)
Perennial Death Records

This year I was lucky enough to escape the southern hemisphere winter and have a double summer, and this record was definitely my summer jams of 2016. It’s so dancey, so catchy and so ‘posi’, but then makes a U-turn with some classic 80’s heartbreak pop jams. The singer Mary-Jane (also the vocalist of Vexx) is as dynamic and unique live as she is recorded—their dance moves and vocal range are fantastic. Never Going To Die is the feel good hit of this year; highly recommend this EP.

Favourite Track: Never Going To Die


Charged C.B.H.: Get Me Fired (Singapore)
4490 Records

‘Joke’ punk bands and records can be hilarious, but often the musical execution leaves a lot to be desired. Charged C.B.H. delivers well-executed, tongue-in-cheek G.B.H. from some of Singapore’s heavyweights of punk, featuring members from Blinded Humanity, Snaggletooth, Daily Ritual and Lifelock. Hilarious lyrics and really fun to listen to, it’s refreshing to hear a punk record that doesn’t take itself too seriously in a world filled with cool guy bands. 

Favourite track: Wankyman


Spotting: Demo (Melbourne, Australia)
No Patience Records

The last year has seen so many new and fresh bands emerge in Australian punk from a scene that was starting to feel slightly stale. Spotting is definitely at the forefront of this new wave. Catchy, pissed of misandrist synth punk; I really can’t get behind this demo enough. The chanty chorus of “Good Job (Sort your shit out!)” gives me all sorts of relatable feels about what it’s like to be a woman in punk dealing with all the countless fuckboys. Looking forward to the next release. 

Favourite Track: Good Job


Morte Lente: Demo (Sydney, Australia)
No Patience Records

Also part of the aforementioned influx of great new bands in Aus is Sydney’s Morte Lenta. I saw their first show on the Lubricant tour playing in Wollongong.  The vocalist Luda is absolutely FEROCIOUS; screeching and spitting Portuguese vocals over mid-paced punk bangers. 

This band has another level to them though, with catchy rock’n’roll guitar hooks in amongst the stomping punk riffs. I heard Luda is moving back home to Brazil early next year, signaling the end of the band, which is super disappointing. Hopefully they can squeeze in an Australian tour, or maybe another release before she heads off.

Favourite Track: Morte Lenta


Maudlin: Self-Titled (Atlanta, USA)

Some fresh dark punk out of the American south, Maudlin play haunting, yet upbeat goth, somewhere in the vein of Skeletal Family/Xmal Deutschland. The vocals nail that classic ‘fem’ goth wail with catchy guitar hooks to back it up. Solid demo and can’t wait to hear more. 

Favourite Track: Twist of the Knife


Tessa Tribe plays bass for Melbourne post-punk outfit Masses and she runs underground distro/label Lost In Fog Records. Check out the music she makes here