This month, I stumbled upon a good few total ripper new releases. But, before we get to that, a mention to the sad but understandable news of the G.L.O.S.S. break-up. 

I am a big G.L.O.S.S. fan and am incredibly sad to see them go, especially because the makings of an Australian tour were in the works. But good for them for taking a step back and doing what’s right for themselves. 

On another note, my misanthropy went into overdrive at the amount of cis-dudes on my friend-list having a big ol’ opinion about how ‘shit/untalented/gross’ G.L.O.S.S. and their music is/was. Newflash: This music is not for you and never was for you, so please take your opinions back to the man cave and discuss Madball or Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers or the million other ‘man bands’ you have opinions on that people must hear about.

Ok, sorry rant over. Now onto those rippers I mentioned earlier: 

Dystopian Dog – Anxiety EP (Indonesia)
Menance Records

I found out about these guys initially through one of the members Danu (@plasticmyth on instagram). I’d been a big fan of his artwork, which also graces the cover of their EP. 

I know I’ll repeat this in the future, but South East Asia really does produce some of the best contemporary punk and are sadly so overlooked in the international punk scene. Dystopian Dog deliver some catchy stompy hardcore punk, with a rancid weird edge to it. The delay driven vocals spat at you in Bahasa add an edge that I really dig.

Favourite Track: Dystopia


Kid Chrome – I Hate It… It’s Garbage EP (USA)

Emerging from the swamps of Capitol Hill, Seattle comes Kid Chrome. Super lo-fi recorded good times/sad times, rock’n’roll ‘77 punk. This, and all Kid Chrome recordings is all one dude, playing all the instruments himself and programming a drum machine. 

Super catchy and upbeat, but with a kind of morose melody in most of the songs that reminds me a lot of The Exploding Hearts. Would love to get my hands on a vinyl release. 

Favourite Track: Demons


Pleasure Symbols – Self Titled (Australia)
Avant! Records

Doing a complete 180, next on the list is long awaited Pleasure Symbols 12-inch. I’ve loved these guys ever since I saw them live two years ago at the Gracement in Melbourne, and since have eagerly awaited there next release—rewatching their one Youtube video over-and-over. The wait was worth it; four-tracks of sultry, dark cold wave done the way cold wave should be. 

A genre you don’t see too often in contemporary Australia music, these ladies really know what they’re doing. Singer Jasmin’s haunting vocals placed just behind the layered synths bring about a really beautiful effect that stays with you for a while after you finish listening. 

Favourite track: Underneath Your Skin


Bellicose Minds  - The Creature (USA)
Blackwater Records

Bellicose Minds is, I think, quite undisputedly one of the best bands to come out of the dark punk revival. This LP does not disappoint; precision perfect disco beats covered by winding bass lines and booming vocals—reminiscent a little of Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) a little more in this release than previous. 

Delivering what we’ve come to expect from Bellicose Minds, but moving slightly towards more melodic/atmospheric goth and a little less punk.

Favourite track: The Creature


Haram – What Do You See (USA)
Toxic State Records

Already up there with the ‘Toxic State hype’, Haram is a band that definitely deserve/live up to it. Chorus drenched hardcore with simple, yet rhythmic riffs and vocals all sung in Arabic.

I was supposed to see them when I was last in New York City, but the show had a line-up reshuffle and they didn’t end up playing—which was incredibly disappointing, as I’ve heard they’re live shows are blistering with an aesthetic to match. 

Favourite Track: شو هوا هل جهنم؟ / What is This Hell?


Tessa Tribe plays bass for Melbourne post-punk outfit Masses and she runs underground distro/label Lost In Fog Records. Check out the music she makes here