5. Odio: Un Mondo Libero Dall’Uomo (Nightrider Records/USA)

Ooooo how I loved delay drenched hardcore punk when done right. This 7-inch is so solid amongst a sea of ‘meh’ bands playing this style right now. Very powerful and very pissed off; I can’t wait to see these guys on there upcoming Australian/South East Asian tour next year.


4. Dystopian Dog: Anxiety (Menace Records/Indonesia)

I hate to sound like a broken record, but South East Asia really does produce some of the best contemporary punk and sadly are so overlooked in the international punk scene. This EP delivers the catchy stomp hardcore punk that’s pretty popular right now with a weird rancid edge and sung in Bahasa. Highly recommend checking this band out.


3. Rakta: III (Iron Lung Records/Nada Nada Discos/Dama Da Noite Discos/ De o Fore, Brazil)

This band is powerful with a capital P! This album builds, draws you in and completely soaks and encapsulates you within its sound. Perfectly layered and repetitive bass lines with piercing Portuguese chants, sultry melodies and a shitload of synth. Probably my favourite post punk/goth release of this year; it’s a really beautiful piece of music.


2. Tol: S/T (No Patience Records/Australia)

Unashamedly my favourite current band in Australia right now, Tol—who feature all the same members of neo-folk outfit Lakes—have produced two tracks that perfectly mix the distorted rage of Discharge and Amebix with some more gothy/post punk undertones. Best Australian release of 2016 for sure.


1. Chroma: Cuerpos Dociles (De o Fora Discos/Hysteria Records/Nada Nada Discos, Spain)

A record I kept coming back to throughout the year, coming out right at the beginning of the year. This Barcelona all-fem three piece has created such a unique, driving take on what is essentially pretty simplistic punk. Angry yet slightly melancholy and so catchy, this 12-inch is by far my favourite release of this year; can’t wait to hear more.


Tessa Tribe plays bass for Melbourne post-punk outfit Masses and she runs underground distro/label Lost In Fog Records. Check out the music she makes here