Ausmuteants don't fuck around. In four years, this Melbourne-via-Geelong synth punk outfit has brought out three full lengths and a slew of seven-inches and splits - with songs that diss lazy music writers, isolating internet relationships and people who always need to be right.

We chatted to Jake Robertson about their latest effort, Band Of The Future, why farting is more interesting than their music and whether the constant comparisons to Devo is music press actually grinds them. 

Concept behind Band Of The Future

Band Of The Future isn’t an ego trip. It is not at all saying that Ausmuteants are of historical value. It has very little to do with Ausmuteants. It is intended to be a concept album about perception, although it has lots of holes in it—due to us clearly not thinking things out very well. 

Maturing as a band

We still stop songs to fart in the microphone at practice. Farts are more entertaining than our attempts at songs. How many songs about piss and shit can one band sing about? Three so far. Probably more to come in the future I think.

What keeps them pissed off

I definitely go through phases of getting a little salty at humans. Lots of dumb things said. Lots of narrow minded, negative opinions on everything. Pretty obvious sheep mentality within the punk scene of every country I have been to. Angry songs are just easier to write I think. All of us play in other bands that have songs about other feelings and senses. We’re not wearing grumpy pants all the time.

Reflecting on their Devo comparisons

Definitely ripped off a few things from them. Don’t think we sound very much like them, but maybe it is subconscious because we listen to them so often. I prefer it to Lost Sounds comparisons. Devo are probably the band all four of us most agree upon. I guess if we spent longer on writing songs and the songs meant more to us - y’know the people who go on about how their songs are their children - then the comparison would probably shit us. But to be honest, I don’t really care aye.

Being in multiple bands, all the time

I like making noise with ma buddies. All the bands we play in aren’t really conscious, like “Hey, let’s form a band”. It’s more like “Hey, Ghostbusters Two just finished… wanna play guitar for a bit? Woah, this is real fun—let’s do this again”. Before you know it you’re working Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and got band practice from 6pm to 11pm every night. Good excuse to catch up with mates though.


Grab Ausmuteants Band Of The Future from Aarght Records or give it a listen on their bandcamp.