The contrast between Australia and the States is huge. Since being here, we’ve noticed that people are just hella less stressed and seemingly happy and chill. The scene in Melbourne is very similar to back at home, in terms of the fem-movement. It’s been dope because we haven’t played a show where there hasn’t been a woman on the bill. In the States, we’re still trying to shake the 'all dude club'. But coming so far and it being almost 50/50, and that represented in the audience as well, is so cool.

Melbourne reminds me of San Francisco but people don’t hate themselves. It’s so cool that labels like Poison City Records do festivals and bring (international) bands out. People in the States don’t do that; I dig that mentality.


Here's a few Aussie bands we've been digging lately:

Camp Cope

This band is going to do wild things in the future. I wanna see them come out to the States. I met Georgia (Maq; vocalist), Kelly-Dawn (Hellmrich; bass) and Sarah (Thompson; drums) and everyone was so, so humble. Then to see them get on stage and bring the house down was incredible. Extremely talented musicians.


Chelsea Bleach

Scotty (Phillips; vocalist) is incapable of commenting on this right now. Maybe it’s a little ineffable, but Chelsea Bleach is hands down his favourite band in Australia.


Infinite Void

I met Alicia (Saye) at the Prekender show and we were playing with Infinite Void. They sound like a band from the Bay Area and kinda reminds me of a band I’m in love with called Flesh World. Cool and dark 70s punk; makes me wanna walk around with my hood up.



The sound guy at the Metro (Melbourne) was playing this band over the PA and I was like '...what the fuck is this?!' Super jangly punk; it’s like this is the sound of Australia.


Royal Headache

I’ve been a fan of Royal Headache for a while. Our friends in Ceremony were touring with them in the States. The first record is what really got my attention. Shogun’s voice is so soulful, passionate and just real. Punk as fuck.


Creative Adult are currently touring the Australian East Coast. Check out dates and venues here