Temple Nightside delve into the darkest parts of your psyche. A place where terror reigns, war is eternal and internal madness is a constant burden—and saving light. 

We chatted to the band, who have members scattered all over Australia, about their latest effort The Hecatomb, being drawn to the occult and archaic, and why creating is an ‘otherworldly experience’.

The concept behind The Hecatomb
We wanted to create a haggard sounding album; something decrepit and draped in murk. We’ve all spent years hammering away at skins, grinding away at strings and bones, and penning down the terrors of nightmares (of both sleep and wake). All music is a tribute to the forebears in a way, and this album is no different. 

It is a homage to the old blood, and to our own sacrifices of the internal/external self made along the way. Forging metal music from the ethers is simultaneous pleasure and frustration, and it must be—for the work to be pure. The Hecatomb represents this burden—murdering the flock to ward off starvation; letting the blood to save the flesh; revelling in madness to preserve the mind.


Leanings towards dark mythology and ancient scripture

In the beginning, Temple Nightside leaned to a more blackened atmosphere with stronger occult teachings. But, as time has passed, (frontman) IV’s lyrics have delved further into darker and more abominable themes and subjects. 

Whilst these occult and archaic, anti-religious aspects have always been a strong point to the band’s direction and sound, lyrically it has actively descended along a more twisted and personal path based on visions and ideals stemming from lucid dreaming, as well as mental and physical experiences. Death manifests and affects each individual in different ways and for us, the great death, the great unknown and what lies beyond is something we feel appropriate to explore via various avenues. We aim to create an agonised sound; something akin to murmuring corpses.


War is doom and doom is art: The band’s ideology
Death metal is about the spirit of ancestors. The blood that courses through our veins carries in it the memories of ancient conflict, images of incredible violence, triumph and horror. We harness the original sorcery from beyond the grave and, in turn, use it to divine the secrets and wisdom of millennia passed.
War is the art of inhuman savagery to achieve human objectives. And art—true and pure—is the use of the limbs and mind to invoke or reanimate into a living form the things which once were, never were and which never should be. We spill the old blood and cast the ancient bones—this is the ‘Iron Necromantic’ (brutal and negative energy). We raise our honoured dead (and ascend with them) to a higher form. And we exhume the traitors of past to rekindle their agonies.


Unifying members across great distances

The line-up works for us, regardless of distance. We’ve found ways around this: the will is the way. The end goal is the common ground and driving force. We each relate to the subject matter of the band in our own ways and, in turn, trust each other’s input and judgement with little need to be diplomatic and ‘democratic’. 

We all understand the concept and end goal, and digressions and variations will only work to enforce this. The merging of each member’s own obscure personality and esoteric fixations has been imperative in creating our ‘Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy’. The lyrics and music inspire us to exhume an otherworldly experience for ourselves and we, in turn, aim to drag the listener down with us and leave them dangling over the edge.


The Hecatomb is available now from Abyssic Commune, Obsidian Reliquary and Iron Bonehead.