A gorgeous album taking instrumental hip-hop and breeding it with ambient music’s minimalist approach to arrangement and instrumentation, revealing new depths of stunning introspective perfection. Your subconscious will thank you as much as your ears will.


4. Wayfarer: Old Souls

Nontheistic Colorado black metal that carves its sonic aesthetic from the jagged cliffs of the rocky mountains and paves its own way through the harsh. Old Souls drowns you in a vicious dust storm of the American west’s unforgiving landscape before it was soaked with the blood of innocence, paving the way for our modern capitalist vulgarity.


3. Kallisti: S/T

A no-holds barred piece of IDM/ambient/breakcore mastery. A quivering ill-tempered, little pandora’s box full of spastic percussive aggression, as well as textural and melodic beauty. A lovely yin-and-yang of aggression and tranquillity.


2. Church Fire: Pussy Blood

An experimental electronic duo from my neck of the woods. Equal parts abrasive industrial and groovy melodic oddity. As unapologetic in subject matter as it is unbridled in its noisy, dancey darkness. 


1. Soft Kill: Choke

An incredible achievement for modern post-punk. Something so equally lush, sultry, melancholic and triumphantly beautiful, it should be revered within the genre for decades to come. 


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