Earth Screen Print Tour Poster


Earth Screen Print Tour Poster

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Official tour poster from the LIFE IS NOISE 2014 Earth Australian tour.

Artwork by Error Design. Printed A3 size with in a matte, screen print finish.

Ships within 48 hours. 

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“I kind of joke about Primitive and Deadly being a mid-life crisis record, me returning to my misspent metal youth,” Earth’s Dylan Carlson talking on their latest album


“Given the expanse of time they’ve covered and the years and decades their growth has encompassed, it’s even easier to appreciate the restlessness underlying their evolution and the irony that so much of their reputation is for the stillness in their material.” — The Obelisk on Earth live


“No matter what phase of Earth you’re considering, be it the enormous and electrostatic drones of the band’s earliest and heaviest days or the swaddled blues elegance of their post-millennial reboot, there’s one simple and unifying link: Dylan Carlson is a paragon of guitar control.” — The Pitchfork