Helen Money: Become Zero LP

Helen Money
Helen Money

Helen Money: Become Zero LP

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Helen Money’s Become Zero continues the journey of cellist Alison Chelsey’s “exploration of emotive and intense music”.

Joined again by drummer Jason Roeder (Sleep, Neurosis), Rachel Grime (Rachel’s) and co-producer Will Thomas—this is an incredibly powerful album written shortly after the death of this Los Angeles-based artist’s parents.


  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Artwork inner sleeve
  • Comes in yellow vinyl

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“Helen Money is one of the most fascinating composers out there right now.” — Metal Injection


“This fourth album under the pseudonym continues to explore mighty and muscular sonic qualities through her compositions, though this sequence also balances more sparse and existential passages, dueting her ever-faithful central organism, an effected cello, against gently crushing piano parts.” — NARC


“Become Zero… incorporates piano and electronics for the first time, conveying an unprecedented depth and sorrow.” — The Guardian