Lightning Bolt: Fantasy Empire LP

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt: Fantasy Empire LP


Fantasy Empire, underground rock outfit Lightning Bolt’s (Rhode Island) sixth album and first in five years, is a “…fresh take from a band intent on pushing themselves musically and sonically while maintaining the aesthetic that has defined not only them, but an entire generation of noisemakers”.

Released in 2015 by Thrill Jockey, this album not only signals the first with the established label—but is also a “…ferocious, consuming, and a more accurate translation of their live experience”.


  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Double LP and gatefold cover
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“Fantasy Empire is Lightning Bolt's first LP in five years and it's also the first recorded in a proper studio. The sound is bigger and more defined—they haven't cleaned things up, exactly, it's just easier to figure out what's leveling you.” — Pitchfork


“Fantasy Empire will reward longtime listeners and draw in new fans simultaneously, a heady accomplishment for a couple of dudes bashing away at their instruments.” — Consequence Of Sound


“Their music, especially on the crystal-clear Fantasy Empire, is a well-choreographed silat knife fight: balletic and violent, never formless.” — SPIN