Mike Scheidt (YOB): Stay Awake LP

Mike Scheidt
Mike Scheidt

Mike Scheidt (YOB): Stay Awake LP

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Mike Scheidt is a man overflowing with creative energy. Many will know him from YOB, but Stay Awake—a solo acoustic album from the frontman—gives insight into the “…the sincerity, raw emotion, and Eastern philosophy… core elements present in any YOB performance or song”.

Released by Thrill Jockey in 2012, this album reveals a man going through a turbulent period—looking for solace in a collection of simple and strikingly honest tunes.


  • Double gatefold cover
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“…what the album does is balance neo-folk intimacy with (Mike) Scheidt’s own particular psychedelic lushness.” — The Obelisk


“…mixes acoustic guitars, Eastern philosophies, a Townes Van Zandt-on-Jeremy Enigk sound, and YOB-like structural repetitions into a record that could've come from a 90s grunge hero taking it down a few notches.” — Pitchfork


“… throws the singer out of what has presumably become his comfort zone… leaving him, for the most part, with just his unique, high-pitched voice and an acoustic guitar for a collection of reflective, raga-like, hypnotic tunes.” — The Sleeping Shaman