Mono: Gone CD


Mono: Gone CD

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Collating all of Mono’s (Tokyo) rare and out-of-print non-album tracks, Gone (2007) displays their astounding growth.

These select tracks are taken from a series of highly sought-after releases, including the Japanese-only debut Hey, You EP, their split with Pelican, the Cameron Crowe-commissioned Memorie Dal Futuro 10-inch and The Phoenix Tree—their out-of-print EP from the Travels In Constants series. 

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“…it exhibits the introspective growth of one of the best mood-magnifying post-rock bands in the business, one conscious drop of melody at a time.” — Drowned In Sound


“Mono continue to go from quiet to loud and back again with such power and mastery that all must bow before them.” — Exclaim!


“I don’t need to tell you that Mono is on top of their game right now. I think that their music is a dead give away of that… this compilation is no different.” — The Red Alert