Mono Tour Poster


Mono Tour Poster

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Official tour poster for the LIFE IS NOISE 2015 Mono Australian and New Zealand tour.

Artwork by Error! Design. Printed A3 size with a gloss finish.

Ships within 48 hours. 

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“…when you’re drowning in a wall of sound—the kind of sound that evokes memories and imagery that other kinds of music cannot reach—it’s difficult to be in any way cynical. Mono’s live reputation is well earned.” — LA Music on Mono live


“Although lacking words of any sort, Mono’s sound speaks to all of those who hear it. It tells of human experience, stories and imaginings in time and pure emotion.” — Hello Asia


“Mono mesmerized with intricately weaved soundscapes and built towards thunderous climaxes that proved some feelings are best articulated without speaking.” — Consequence Of Sound