Neurosis: Set of three Enamel Pins

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Resized Pins.jpg

Neurosis: Set of three Enamel Pins


Set of three Neurosis enamel pins.

Keyhole Pin - 1.25" wide
Wolf Pin - 1.75" wide
Sickle Pin - 1.25" wide

Ships within 48 hours. 

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"In a world that feels increasingly dark and helpless, it’s comforting to know that Neurosis will always be there to help us wallow through the filth." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy


"They make art that materialises and manifests their suffering… Death, war, birth, healing, family loss, anxiety, fear, depression, and many of the other aspects of the human experience are all there in their music." - Invisible Oranges


"There is something almost magical about every new Neurosis release and the very human beauty of this particular album makes it the perfect companion to long nights and hard days."  - Metal Injection