Om: Advaitic Songs LP


Om: Advaitic Songs LP

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Following the progression of 2009’s God Is Good, Om’s Advaitic Songs shifts the focal point from how ‘heavy’ minimalist tones can be. Instead, the Californian duo’s music becomes about the “…spiritual foundation that underpins their lyrics and use of instrumentation”.

Released in 2012 by Drag City, their fifth full length is “…part of an ongoing reflection on humanity and spirituality, and few bands do that so well”.


  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“Genre classifications are useless here, this music is not designed for marketing, it is pure spiritual and artistic exploration.” — Metal Injection


“Om have always started from silence. Lumbering tempos, purity of purpose, and an ability to swing so hard and slow it sounds like they're struggling through water: This is why we came to them in the first place.” — Pitchfork


“…Cisneros and Amos reach their meditative high thanks to more religious imagery, mantra-like vocals, and a healthy helping of strings, tabla, and chants.” — Consequence Of Sound