Om: God Is Good LP


Om: God Is Good LP

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God Is Good, the fourth full length from Om, signals a monumental change for the Californian-based duo. The first to feature drummer Emil Amos (Grails, Holy Sons, Shrinebuilder), filling the shoes of former founding member Chris Hakius, the album reveals a slightly more flamboyant sounds—but one that fits with the restrained Om ethos.

Released in 2009 by Drag City, this offering leads “…you on an epic journey through the sands of ancient Middle-Eastern holy lands… all while also managing to shell out some heavy as fuck doom”.


  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“Om is a ganja-fuelled spiritual journey consisting of simplistic yet invigorating beats and mind melting bass lines.” — Sputnik Music


“…if more church music sounded like what Cisneros, Amos, and Albini achieve on God Is Good, then maybe those pews would be a little fuller.” — Pop Matters


“God is Good shows a clear effort to steer their boat past the Nile, past Yemen, and into new territory.” — Tiny Mix Tapes