Om Screen Print Tour Poster


Om Screen Print Tour Poster


Official tour poster for the LIFE IS NOISE 2013 Om Australian tour.

Artwork by David D'Andrea. Printed A3 size in a matte screen print finish.

Ships within 48 hours. 

No hassle shopping.


“The dominance of Om was established in the instant that (Al) Cisneros stamped on his distortion pedal and feedback reared like a dragon behind him. The riffs are punishingly simple, on the bluesy side of Sabbath, but repeated until they detach themselves from time.” — The Phoenix review Om live


“…they’ve gone right through the black of the void, and shot straight out of the other side to be bathed in white heavenly enlightenment.” — The Quietus on Om live


“Om can reach high levels of spiritual enlightenment and this band is capable of filling the vacuous hole in an audiences soul.” — Pop Matters talks Om live