Sundr: The Canvas Sea

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Sundr: The Canvas Sea


The Canvas Sea is shrouded in an all-enveloping darkness. It presents both lyrics and music pieced together from the band’s collective experiences, feelings and observations – the product dark times and darker thoughts.

Life Is Noise

The Canvas Sea forges a concept that transcends Sundr’s music, and anyone who’s witnessed their live show can attest to the fact. The band creates a larger picture through careful choices in artwork, an eerie stage presence and a culpable passion that can be seen, heard and felt. The end result is seven tracks of music, each song hypnotic, drowning and loud - a rare form of composition that leaves your neck hairs standing on end. A must have record for anyone who loves their music lengthy, dark and capable of balancing between heavy riffs and soaring ambience.

Released independently on July 15, 2017.
Recorded and mixed by Mike Deslandes at The Black Lodge.
Mastered by Paul Fox at Indie Masters.
Artwork by Camille Blanchemain, widely inspired by "Le serpent d'Airain" by Gustave Doré (1878).


  • 12" LP
  • 150g Black Vinyl.
  • Full Colour printed sleeve and lyric insert

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