Sunn O))): Monoliths & Dimensions LP

Sunn O)))
Sunn O)))

Sunn O))): Monoliths & Dimensions LP


Monoliths & Dimensions pushes Sunn O))) further into unchartered territory. Always open for collaboration, this full length sees the band team up with names like Mayhem’s Attila Csihar, Earth’s Dylan Carlson, Australian doom master Oren Ambarchi and vocalist Jessika Kenney—who appeared on Wolves In The Throne Room’s Two Hunters.

Released 2009 on Southern Lord, the sixth studio offering from the Washington outfit shows “…the possibilities of its slow music stretch beyond what we imagined”.


  • Double LP
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in transparent clear vinyl

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“…metal’s crudest essence, the primal, powerful clang of the power chord and the diabolis in musica, joins forces with orchestration overflowing with atmosphere and otherworldly allure, and the results are little short of transcendental.” — The Quietus


“…may be their best, as dozens of collaborators join on four epic tracks that run from slow metal to shimmering orchestral drone.” — Pitchfork


“The physical out powers the philosophical. Brawn decimates brain. In fact if you want to demonstrate to someone how sound works, you couldn’t do much better than to take them to a Sunn O))) gig.” — Drowned In Sound