Sunn O))) Tour Poster

Sunn O)))
Sunn O)))

Sunn O))) Tour Poster

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Official tour poster for the LIFE IS NOISE 2016 Sunn O))) East Coast Australian tour.

Artwork by Error! Design. Printed A3 size with a gloss finish.

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“…they make a wall of sound, a monotonous drone of bass, guitar, keyboards and samples, melodic chanting, and murderous shrieking, each note louder than the last, each sound reverberating through the walls, the floor, and every cell in your body.” — HEAVY Mag talks Sunn O))) live


“Their low-end—hideously down tuned guitars, guttural vocals and purely physical bass sounds get all their press – but never underestimate their high frequencies either. They can make a guitar really scream.” — The Line Of Best Fit on Sunn O))) live


“Roof-rattlingly loud drone metal means this gig is a physical endurance test.” — Evening Standard UK reviews Sunn O))) live