Sunn O))) & Ulver: Terrestrials LP

Sunn O)))-Ulver
Sunn O)))-Ulver

Sunn O))) & Ulver: Terrestrials LP


Following their 200th gig in 2008, Sunn O))) teamed up with Ulver at their Oslo studio to record three improvisational pieces. These pieces became Terrestrials.

Released in 2014 by Southern Lord, this full length album is full of deep crescendos, explorations of single bass tones and diverse low end soundscapes with Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg’s chants evoking “…ancient Greece, Egypt and the Biblical lands”.


  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“The results step far afield of Sunn O)))’s generally infinite desolation and pull Ulver’s own stylistic wandering toward a centre of static gravity.” — Pitchfork


“Terrestrials should first be seen as a meeting of chameleonic polyglots, and the result is most unexpectedly beautiful and luminescent.” — The Quietus


“While these bands have worked together in the past, their collaborative album Terrestrials highlights each of their strengths, compounding their arcane liturgies and dazzling atmospherics into something far more evocative and eerie than plain evil.” — Consequence Of Sound