The Body: No One Deserves Happiness LP

The Body
The Body

The Body: No One Deserves Happiness LP


On No One Deserves Happiness, Rhode Island’s The Body—duo Chip King and Lee Buford—set out to make “…the grossest pop album of all time”.

Released in 2016 by Thrill Jockey, the album was engineered by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza (Machines With Magnets) explores the space between metal and electronica—defying definition and expectations.


  • Double LP
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Comes in black vinyl

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“The Body has always been obsessed with feelings of consuming futility, and in kicking free of conventional structures and… they've come closer than ever to their truest selves on record.” — Pitchfork


“It is a magnificent and heavy record that feels like a demonic dance album and it exists as a great disconnect from the prototypical metal album.” — Metal Injection


“Despite the misery that inspires and thrives within their suffocating work, the band shows a remarkable sense of vitality, inspiring to longtime and new fans alike.” — Consequence Of Sound