Tortoise AUS/NZ 2016 A3 Tour Poster


Tortoise AUS/NZ 2016 A3 Tour Poster

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Official tour poster from the LIFE IS NOISE 2016 Tortoise Australian/New Zealand tour.

Artwork by Error! Design. Printed A3 size with a gloss finish.

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Their progressions and melodies were at times reminiscent of Jazz luminaries such as Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, yet equally as analogous to progressive rock bands such as King Crimson or Mars Volta, ultimately evoking a strong sense of controlled chaos.” — The AU Review experiences Tortoise live


“…in a live setting, Tortoise seem to extract whole ecosystems of music from another era and bring them to life. Their songs are encased in amber, calcified on the outside, but still coursing on the inside with the DNA of left-field jazz, ambient, post-rock, indie-rock, avant-classical…you name it.” — Consequence Of Sound on Tortoise live


“…the members of Tortoise become one living and breathing organism, each a vital part keeping the beast alive.” — Spectrum Culture talks Tortoise live